Michael Thomas, a wide receiver for the Saints, was apprehended following accusations of hurling a brick at a truck.

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On Friday, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was taken into custody by Kenner Police after an altercation with a contractor outside his residence. The incident unfolded just days before the Saints’ scheduled game against the Minnesota Vikings.

According to a statement from Kenner Police, the alleged victim, Luis Cifuentes, asserted that he was constructing a house near Thomas’ Kenner residence and had been encountering issues with the NFL player for about two weeks.

Cifuentes claimed that Thomas, visibly agitated, had threatened the construction crew over their parking arrangement near his house, warning of placing “a brick or bullet” in Cifuentes’ car.

On the day of the arrest, Cifuentes reported that Thomas approached the construction site, seized two bricks, and hurled them at his truck.

Cifuentes began recording the incident, prompting Thomas to allegedly grab the phone and forcibly push him, attempting to delete the video.

The police statement released Saturday morning mentioned that the thrown bricks caused minimal damage to the contractor’s windshield. Kenner Police apprehended Thomas, 30, without any resistance.

Throughout the investigation, he cooperated fully and was subsequently booked and released around 10 p.m. The charges against him include simple battery and criminal mischief, which will be addressed in Kenner’s Mayor’s Court.

As news of Thomas’ arrest circulated, the Saints issued a brief statement acknowledging the incident and stating that they were in the process of gathering information.

This incident follows closely on the heels of another Saints wide receiver, Chris Olave, who was arrested just two weeks prior for allegedly speeding at 70 mph in a 30 mph zone. Video footage captured Olave informing the arresting officer, “I play for the Saints, man.”

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