Jill Stein declares her candidacy for the 2024 election as a representative of the Green Party.

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Jill Stein, a two-time presidential nominee for the Green Party, declared her intention on Thursday to vie for the party’s nomination in the 2024 White House race.

Expressing her discontent with the current political system state, Stein conveyed her belief that the two major parties, entangled with Wall Street interests, have failed the public.

In a video shared on social media to announce her candidacy, she asserted, “The Democrats have consistently let down working people, youth, and the environment, while Republicans often refrain from making such commitments altogether.”

Having previously secured the Green Party’s presidential nod in 2012 and 2016, Stein faced criticism in 2016 from Democrats who accused her of diverting traditionally Democratic voters away from their nominee, Hillary Clinton, particularly in crucial swing states.

Stein’s decision to enter the 2024 race coincides with mounting uncertainties surrounding President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects. A recent CNN poll indicated that former President Donald Trump, positioned as the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination, holds a narrow lead over Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

The same poll unveiled independent presidential contenders Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 16% and Cornel West at 4% in a four-way contest.

While support for third-party candidates in polls often differs from actual election outcomes, Stein’s candidacy is anticipated to draw attention.

Despite the potential dilution of support for West and Kennedy, mentioning Stein’s name is poised to incite frustration among liberals who have not forgotten her impact on the 2016 election.

Stein consistently rebuffs the notion that she served as a “spoiler” in the election that propelled Trump to the presidency. The situation is intricate: in pivotal swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, Stein’s vote tally surpassed Trump’s slim victory margins.

Nevertheless, the question remains unanswered whether Stein supporters would have backed Clinton, who was deeply unpopular with far-left voters, had the Green Party candidate not been a ballot option.

Having faced these accusations before, Stein is adept at addressing them, including baseless allegations implying her complicity in Russian interference during the 2016 election.

This connection stems from her attendance at a state-owned “Russia Today” event in Moscow in 2015 and alleged Russian troll farm activity that amplified her campaign.

During a July interview with CNN, Stein advocated for third-party insurgents while advising West’s presidential campaign during its transition from the relatively unknown People’s Party to the Green Party (before West ultimately opted for an independent run).

She argued, “People who challenge a corrupt and vindictive system are not new to its efforts to protect itself. The abolitionist party that preceded the Civil War, antedating the modern-day Republican Party, was also vilified as a spoiler because it advocated for the abolitionists to seize political power.”

At that time, Stein highlighted West’s involvement and the collaborative efforts of Green Party affiliates, including her former running mate Ajamu Baraka and journalist Chris Hedges, in integrating the renowned intellectual into the party structure.

However, it seems inevitable that Stein will emerge again as the Green Party’s standard-bearer.

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