Philadelphia Eagles Disappoint in Loss to Dallas Cowboys Despite Jalen Hurts’ Efforts

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Despite consecutive losses and allowing the Dallas Cowboys to tie them for the NFC East lead, Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles retain control over the division.

However, their 10-3 record doesn’t mask their lack of dominance, highlighted by a decisive 33-13 loss to Dallas on Sunday night.

Fletcher Cox, the veteran defensive tackle, emphasized the need to identify true leaders within the team amidst this challenging phase.

“It’s time to see real leadership emerge—individuals in the locker room who take action,” Cox remarked. “I’ve witnessed teams rally, and others fall apart. It’s on us, the leaders, and myself, to step up.”

The Eagles’ struggles include red-zone issues for their defense, narrow victories, and turnovers plaguing their gameplay. Three vital offensive players—Hurts, A.J. Brown, and DeVonta Smith—fumbled crucial moments in the recent game.

The Philadelphia team experienced back-to-back losses for the first time this season. This defeat followed a 42-19 home loss to the NFC West leader, San Francisco, who shared the same 10-3 record and dominated Dallas with a 42-10 victory on October 8.

“We need to internalize this and use the adversity we’re facing to grow and improve,” coach Nick Sirianni emphasized.

Philadelphia, known for winning seven one-score games, is set to face teams without winning records in their final four matchups. They kick off next week against Seattle (6-7).

Jalen Hurts had yet to experience consecutive losses as Philadelphia’s starting quarterback since October 2021.

In the recent game, Hurts fumbled early in the Cowboys’ territory, while A.J. Brown, similarly, lost possession around midfield after a catch.

“We must secure the ball while aiming to make plays,” Brown commented.

The Eagles struggled defensively, allowing opponents to score 70.4% of the time in the red zone, ranking 30th in the NFL in that category.

While Philadelphia had a strong start at 8-1 and a two-game division lead after beating the Cowboys on November 5, Dallas almost overturned that result in their last meeting.

The Cowboys, currently on a five-game winning streak, face tough matchups against AFC East leaders Buffalo and Miami before hosting NFC North leaders Detroit.

After the Seahawks game, Philadelphia will face the Giants twice and Arizona in between, focusing solely on the upcoming matchup against Seattle.

Regarding injuries, Eagles’ S Reed Blankenship exited with a concussion, while Cowboys’ DT Johnathan Hankins suffered an ankle injury.

Next, the Eagles visit Seattle on Monday, December 18, while the Cowboys head to Buffalo, followed by a clash with Miami in their upcoming road matchups against AFC East contenders.

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