Forecast maps for the northern lights show where millions of people in the U.S. could see the aurora borealis this weekend.

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Northern Lights Forecast Illuminates U.S. Skyline from Coast to Coast” 

  • People in Michigan might be able to see the Northern Lights on Friday night.  
  • When it does happen, the light show is usually only in the northern parts of the state.  
  • Some parts of the country may be able to see the show because of a geomagnetic storm caused by a coronal mass ejection from the sun.

A breathtaking spectacle awaits Americans across the nation this weekend as maps of the northern lights forecast reveal the potential for millions to witness the aurora borealis. 

From as far south as Alabama to Northern California, citizens could be treated to this celestial display, courtesy of a potent geomagnetic storm making its way to Earth.

While government forecasters caution about possible disruptions to communication systems, power grids, and satellite operations, they also anticipate the chance for a magnificent light show in the night sky. 

northern lights forcast

If weather conditions cooperate, a broader swath of the map could find themselves gazing upward in awe at the aurora borealis.

Rob Steenburgh, a space scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center, shared, “If you happen to be in an area where it’s dark and cloud-free and relatively unpolluted by light, you may get to see a fairly impressive aurora display, and that’s really the gift from space weather, is the aurora.”

A map from the center shows that most of the northern half of the U.S. might be able to see the aurora on Friday night. There is a red line on the picture that shows how far south the aurora is expected to go. 

The St. Louis office of the National Weather Service advises residents to venture outside the city for optimal viewing of the northern lights.

“Escape the city glow and find yourself in a dark, rural setting, facing north,” the office recommended via social media. “Apart from occasional clouds drifting by with a passing front, skies are expected to be predominantly clear.”

The northern lights can be seen all year but April is one of the months when they are most common

The prediction center clarifies on its website that observers need not be directly beneath the aurora to witness its brilliance. In fact, it can be enjoyed from distances of up to 620 miles away.

When queried about the possibility of a nighttime spectacle in the San Francisco Bay Area, the weather service’s office tempered expectations.

“Chances are slim, but I’ll still take a moment to gaze upward while walking my dog,” the office remarked.

You don’t have to wait until Friday night to see the northern lights. According to CBS News, The storm was supposed to last all weekend, and on Saturday night, the prediction center put out a picture of what the weather would be like.

Authorities suggested that individuals in the southern U.S. unable to witness the aurora borealis firsthand could still capture its splendor through their smartphones.

“Cellphones excel at capturing light compared to our eyes,” stated Brent Gordon from the Space Weather Prediction Center during a press briefing on Friday. “Simply step outside and snap a photo with a modern cellphone, and you’ll be astonished by the results displayed in the image compared to what you perceive visually.”

Impressive photographs emerged showcasing the vibrant exhibition of the northern lights over Europe and the U.K. as darkness fell on Friday.

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