Feather River Canyon Rockslide: Highway 70 Reopening Plans Altered by Caltrans – Latest Updates

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Highway 70 California Reopening After Feather River Canyon Rockslide

Caltrans had announced a postponement in the reopening of State Highway 70, which traverses the scenic Feather River Canyon, owing to a recent rockslide occurrence. 

The incident, occurring near Cresta amidst inclement weather conditions on Sunday, has prompted a shift in plans. 

Initially slated for resumption under one-way traffic management on Monday night, the highway’s revival has been temporarily thwarted.

highway 70 california reopneing after a landslide

At 5 p.m. this Saturday, Highway 70 is set to resume operation under the guidance of one-way traffic control measures.

According to Caltrans, the reopening will entail one-way traffic management along a designated mile near Cresta. This arrangement is imperative as construction endeavors persist for the $58.8 million Pulga Project.

Commencing in February 2023, the project is slated for completion by the year’s end in 2024. Key enhancements encompass elevating the current roadway and fortifying the embankment with a retaining wall, enhancing resilience against future flooding. 

Furthermore, an 8-foot shoulder will be introduced along this particular highway segment, ensuring added safety and convenience for commuters.

Drivers passing through the vicinity are urged to remain vigilant, adhere to posted traffic signals, and expect slight delays attributed to the ongoing construction activities and the implementation of one-way traffic management.

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