James Anderson discloses his intention to debut a fresh bowling run-up during the upcoming Test tour of India.

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James Anderson Prepares to Wow Cricket World – In preparation for England’s upcoming five-match Test series against India, commencing on January 25 in Hyderabad, seasoned fast-bowler James Anderson has unveiled his adoption of a revamped bowling run-up.

This alteration was implemented in the aftermath of the Ashes series last year, during which Anderson faced considerable challenges, securing five wickets from four matches with an average of 85.40.

Following the conclusion of the series, Anderson dedicated time to refining his technique, utilizing a public running track adjacent to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium for speed drills to fine-tune his new bowling run-up.

Anderson remarked on his performance in the Ashes, “I’ve tried to look at the Ashes honestly. I don’t think I bowled poorly, but at the same time, I didn’t feel threatened either. The ball didn’t swing.

The pitches were not particularly suitable for me, but taking wickets when conditions are not in my favor is something I have prided myself on in the past.

India poses a challenging environment for seamers, but drawing from past successes in the country, I’m working to ensure I’m in peak form,” explained Anderson to The Telegraph.

The seasoned fast-bowler, with a commendable track record in Tests in India, having taken 34 wickets at an average of 29.32 in 13 games since 2006, emphasized the crucial adjustments to his run-up.

At 41, Anderson acknowledged the need for a modified approach, stating, “I can’t rely on that fast twitch snap at the crease that I’ve had over the years, so I’ve been working on my momentum in my run-up to gain speed.

James Anderson Prepares to Wow Cricket World

It feels like it is working well; the ball is coming out smoothly, and now I need to translate that to outdoor conditions.”

Diversifying his training regimen, Anderson highlighted the importance of incorporating various elements, including running technique and speed work. Recognizing the demands of his age, he stressed the necessity to cover every aspect to ensure his readiness for the tour in India.

Expressing excitement about the upcoming series, Anderson, known for his ultra-attacking approach in Test cricket, displayed optimism regarding England’s chances of securing victory in India.

Reflecting on the team’s progress, he stated, “I’m more excited going into this tour than previous tours to India. It has been a real slog in the past, and we have tried to grind it out.

We will look to play the same way as the last two years but be smart about it. Something we have tried to progress is playing that aggressive style but learning what works in different conditions.”

Drawing inspiration from their unexpected success in Pakistan, Anderson concluded, “Nobody had us down to win 3-0 in Pakistan, and we can take huge confidence from that. Conditions could be similar, not identical, but slow wickets for seamers, and we have to be smart.”

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