Transfer of ‘Love Island: All Stars’ to Primary Channel Yields Disappointing Results in UK TV Ratings.

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ITV’s attempt to boost Love Island: All Stars by featuring it prominently in the main channel lineup fell short, with only 1 million viewers tuning in for the premiere on ITV 1 and an additional 500,000 on ITV 2. 

The new spin-off, which welcomes back Love Island favorites like Liberty Poole, Georgia Steel, and Chris Taylor, struggled to capture the audience’s attention, securing a share of less than 12% of overall viewership.

Broadcast from South Africa, similar to previous winter editions, Love Island: All Stars faced tough competition. 

Despite being in the prime 9 p.m. GMT to 10.30 p.m. GMT slot on ITV 1, it lagged significantly behind BBC One’s Silent Witness. Notably, even a repeat of 24 Hours in Police Custody on Channel 4 surpassed All Stars by 200,000 viewers.

This disappointing performance parallels ITV’s earlier approach to Big Brother, which started on ITV 1 before moving to ITV 2. 

Despite a promising start with 2.5 million viewers, Big Brother’s revival eventually averaged just below the 1 million mark. Love Island: All Stars is set to continue for the next five weeks, hoping to gain momentum in the coming episodes.

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ITV Love Island: A Journey into Romance and Drama
ITV Love Island: A Journey into Romance and Drama
ITV Love Island: A Journey into Romance and Drama