Arteta likens Arsenal’s performance to peeling layers of an onion as he seeks the winning formula

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The manager is optimistic about the club’s resurgence to the summit of the table. “It’s akin to peeling an onion—uncovering one layer at a time,” he explains, expressing confidence in the gradual progress toward success.

Mikel Arteta has likened Arsenal’s recent string of disappointing results to peeling an onion and remains optimistic that his team’s “phenomenal” mid-season break can spark a revival in their title pursuit. 

Following back-to-back losses to West Ham and Fulham at the close of the previous year, Arsenal has slipped to fourth place, managing just one victory in their last seven matches across all competitions. 

Arteta, having led last season’s runners-up, believes a week-long break in Dubai has allowed his players to “recharge the batteries” ahead of Saturday’s clash against a struggling Crystal Palace side.

While expressing positivity about Arsenal’s potential to close the five-point gap to league leaders Liverpool, Arteta acknowledged the challenge of addressing their goal-scoring struggles. 

Despite generating more scoring opportunities than their competitors, Arteta and his staff find themselves grappling with the task of enhancing the team’s most crucial statistic: putting the ball in the net.

Analyzing the data, Arteta emphasized Arsenal’s recurrent presence at the top, yet acknowledged the stark reality of insufficient match victories. Using the analogy of peeling an onion, he delved into the layers beneath, stressing the need to uncover the root causes of their successes and setbacks.

The intricate details, the fine margins, and the efficacy within the penalty boxes emerged as significant factors in their performance. Recognizing the challenges, Arteta expressed the necessity for a different approach to secure victories, emphasizing that mere coaching strategies might not suffice.

Despite Arsenal’s long-standing interest in Brentford’s Ivan Toney, the Premier League’s financial constraints make a January transfer unlikely. Arteta remained tight-lipped about potential signings, redirecting the focus to the players currently in the squad. 

However, he disclosed Arsenal’s holistic approach to enhance finishing, including bringing players’ families to Dubai for shared moments and togetherness.

Arteta downplayed West Ham’s interest in loaning Emile Smith Rowe and expressed optimism about Jurrien Timber’s potential return this season. The £34 million summer signing has been actively rehabilitating in Dubai, raising hopes for his imminent contribution.”

There remains a chance, but currently, he’s a considerable distance away from being match-fit,” he explained. “That’s the pragmatic assessment of the situation. 

Do we hope he could make a tangible contribution before the season concludes? If all progresses positively, it appears plausible. However, it’s premature to assert that at this point definitively.

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