Mikel Arteta's optimistic outlook amid Arsenal's recent struggles and their quest for a resurgence.

By, NewsTodaDaily

Arteta compares Arsenal's struggles to peeling an onion—revealing layers to grasp the roots of success and setbacks.  

Arteta believes a week-long break in Dubai has allowed his players to recharge, emphasizing its importance ahead of the clash against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal's slip to fourth place after back-to-back losses and the urgency to bounce back in the league.

Arteta acknowledges the challenge of addressing goal-scoring struggles despite generating more opportunities than their competitors.

Arteta delves into the fine margins and the need for a different approach to secure victories, emphasizing the efficacy within the penalty boxes.

Arteta reveals Arsenal's holistic approach to enhance finishing, including bringing players' families to Dubai for shared moments and togetherness.

Arteta downplays transfer rumors, expresses optimism about Timber's return, and addresses the team's approach to handling injuries.

Arteta sees Arsenal's challenges like peeling an onion, optimistic about revival. Mid-season break in Dubai offers a 'phenomenal' opportunity.