West Point Military Academy Removes “Duty, Honor, Country” from Mission Statement

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The motto “Duty, Honor, and Country” is taken out of West Point Military Academy’s mission statement.

The motto “Duty, Honor, and Country” will no longer be in the goal statement of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland wrote a letter to students and supporters in which he explained that the choice was made after a careful examination of the academy’s goals, roles, and methods.

“Duty, Honor, and Country” has been a part of West Point’s culture since 1998, but Lt. Gen. Gilland stressed that “Army Values” will now be written in the official mission statement instead.

He said that the new mission statement’s goals are to educate, train, and motivate the Corps of Cadets to become commissioned leaders with good character who will support Army Values and serve the country.

The patriotic phrase will no longer be in the goal statement, but Lt. Gen. Gilland promised that “Duty, Honor, Country” would always be the school’s motto, showing what the school and its graduates stand for.

Christine Wormuth, who is Secretary of the Army, and Randy George, who is Chief of Staff of the Army, both agreed to the change. Lt. Gen. Gilland stressed that the principles of duty, honor, and country will still guide the actions of West Point troops and cadets, even though things have changed.

The updated goal statement shows that the academy is still dedicated to creating moral leaders who are ready for the challenges of modern warfare. “Go Army!” was the standard West Point rallying cry that Lt. Gen. Gilland used to end the letter. Duty, Honor, and Country!”

Lt. Gen. Gilland also said that West Point has changed its goal statement nine times in the last hundred years, showing that it is still committed to excellence and adapting to new situations.

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