More Trouble For Giuliani: Court Asks To Pay Up

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More Trouble For Giuliani – A directive has been issued mandating Rudy Giuliani to compensate former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss with an approximate sum of $150 million in damages. This verdict stems from Giuliani’s defamation of the individuals in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

The ex-mayor of New York and former legal counsel to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has declared his intention to challenge the jury’s decision. Throughout the trial, Giuliani and his legal team emphasized his existing financial challenges, asserting that he lacks the resources to settle his numerous debts. However, the actual extent of the former New York mayor’s financial holdings remains uncertain.

In court, lawyers representing Freeman and Moss disclosed that they had attempted to ascertain Giuliani’s net worth. However, due to his non-compliance with several subpoenas in the lawsuit, they were unable to ascertain a specific financial figure.

A representative for Giuliani chose not to provide commentary on his current financial status when approached for comment on Friday.

Attorney John Langford, speaking to a news channel reporter Friday evening, outlined their strategy to ensure that Moss and Freeman receive the full extent of Giuliani’s available funds to meet the judgment. He emphasized their commitment to exploring all available avenues to secure the owed amount for Ruby and Shaye, with a swift move towards obtaining a final judgment. Langford expressed their intention to pursue assets in other jurisdictions where Giuliani holds interests.

Commenting on the likelihood of the election workers collecting the awarded amount, Ryan Goodman, former special counsel at the Department of Defense, conveyed a realistic perspective. He predicted that they might only collect a fraction of the total judgment, stating that while the full amount may be unattainable, the possibility of securing millions depends on Giuliani’s actual assets.

The court order mandated Giuliani to pay significant sums, including $16,171,000 and $16,998,000 to Freeman and Moss, respectively, for defamation, along with $20 million each for emotional distress. Additionally, he was required to pay a total of $75 million in punitive damages. Even Judge Beryl Howell appeared surprised by the staggering figure.

Giuliani’s financial challenges were further highlighted, including outstanding fines exceeding $200,000 for attorneys’ fees, unpaid debts to defense attorneys surpassing $1 million, and unresolved bills totaling nearly $60,000 for past phone expenses. Despite these financial hurdles, Giuliani has received support, including fundraising efforts, at times aided by former President Trump. Notably, he managed to utilize a private plane for his arrest related to criminal charges in Georgia this summer.

The prospect of Rudy Giuliani resorting to bankruptcy as a protective measure against potential damages in the lawsuit remains uncertain. Individuals familiar with the case suggest that the resolution of this matter might be deferred to the courts, and Giuliani could find himself accountable for the damages awarded to Moss and Freeman even if he pursues bankruptcy.

Drawing a parallel with a notable defamation case involving far-right personality Alex Jones and the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, it becomes evident that courts have grappled with similar issues. Despite filing for bankruptcy after being directed to pay nearly $1.5 billion to the shooting victims’ families, Jones was barred from employing bankruptcy as a means to evade financial responsibility.

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