Jurassic Park Survival: Fulfilling Our Long-Awaited Alien Isolation Sequel Dreams

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Since childhood, I’ve often dreamt of a game like Jurassic Park Survival.

It’s an interactive adventure beyond park building or simple arcade-style dino battles. This game immerses us directly into the iconic movie’s events, leaving us with limited defenses against the challenges ahead.

Picture yourself crouched in a kitchen, velociraptors closing in while you pray that a misplaced utensil won’t give away your position.

Or dashing out through the iconic gate only to face a hungry T-Rex, where staying still with a lit flare might be your only chance at Survival.

Saber Interactive’s teaser for their upcoming adventure teased horror elements straight out of the original film, enticingly capturing the essence of what this game could offer. It’s got me eagerly anticipating the thrills it promises.

Survival immediately struck a chord, bringing to mind the vibes of Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly. I’ve long believed that Jurassic Park perfectly fits this kind of gameplay—swapping the relentless Xenomorphs for various dinosaurs eager to hunt you down.

Without many ways to fight back and likely lacking firearms expertise, your only recourse would be to outwit your scaly adversaries while unraveling puzzles to secure your escape.

The potential for a game like this is undeniable, and I’m thrilled Saber has embraced this concept, even if the final product still needs to dive headfirst into survival horror.

Described officially as an ‘action-adventure,’ there’s a chance we might wield weapons or at least possess some means of defense against dinosaur hordes.

Surprisingly, the trailer doesn’t emphasize this aspect, instead highlighting the isolation and anxiety of being stranded on an island with hungry dinosaurs hot on your heels.

The trailer offers a fleeting glimpse of actual gameplay, showcasing protagonist Dr. Maya Joshi stranded on Isla Nublar after Alan Grant and his companions escaped.

The haunting scene reveals the aftermath of familiar events, with dinosaur bones strewn across the visitor center plaza and a soaked banner fluttering in the wind.

Maya, injured and in pain, faces a looming threat as a pack of dinosaurs begins to track her—some curious, others already marking her as prey. It’s a nod to fans, but the tension resonates in classic Spielbergian fashion, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Here’s hoping the actual game lives up to this promise.

Survival thrives on nostalgia but cleverly twists our familiarity with a film I’ve watched countless times, potentially becoming one of its greatest strengths.

The expansive island offers familiar landmarks and cunning dinosaurs, inviting exploration that transforms doomed attractions into elements of an immersive sim.

Amidst remnants of the past, like deceased staff, scattered notes, and intriguing clues, Survival’s primary goal remains our safety. Yet, the allure of sightseeing or cautiously navigating the park to avoid detection remains irresistible.

Despite indulging in virtual tourism, my ultimate desire is to be plunged into heart-pounding scenarios where my only option is to sprint desperately away from an unseen danger, knowing that a single misstep could mean facing the jaws of an apex predator.

If the game can blend that terror with a sustained feeling of unease and ample fan service, Jurassic Park Survival could offer far more than the usual licensed game experience.

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