‘I Didn’t Know Who She Was’: Jonathan Owens on Wife Simone

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Jonathan Owens on Wife Simone – Simone Biles, the legendary gymnast, and Jonathan Owens, the charming football player, didn’t just say “I do” once, they did it twice! Their love story blossomed in 2023, culminating in a courthouse ceremony in April followed by a sun-kissed celebration in Cabo San Lucas in May.

Owens, however, admits he wasn’t always a believer in happily ever after. He confessed to initially fighting against his fear of commitment, hesitant to dive headfirst into a relationship with someone like Biles. But fate had other plans. Their first encounter was filled with laughter and genuine connection, leaving him smitten.

What truly sealed the deal for Owens? Biles’ answer to a simple question. When asked about her biggest competition, she didn’t name another athlete. She said it was herself. Witnessing the impact she had on young girls at a cookie shop, seeing their eyes light up in awe and admiration, cemented his appreciation for the incredible woman she is.

Their whirlwind romance faced some criticism, with Owens’ comments about being the “catch” in the relationship sparking debate. But the couple remained unfazed. Owens, in a recent Instagram post, shared a series of loving photos with the caption “Unbothered, Just know we locked in over here.” Biles, standing by her man, shared the post and left a supportive comment, their bond stronger than ever.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ love story is a testament to the power of connection, laughter, and mutual respect. It’s a reminder that love can blossom in unexpected places, and that sometimes, the greatest catch isn’t a person, but the journey you take together.

Aside from sharing his post to her own Instagram Story, Biles also left a comment of support on her husband’s grid post.

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