Jonathan Majors’ Split Verdict: Convicted And Dropped from Marvel

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Jonathan Majors’ Split Verdict – Actor Jonathan Majors, once a rising star in Hollywood, faced a mixed verdict in a domestic violence case in New York on Monday.

Found guilty on two of the four charges, including assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree, Majors was acquitted of intentional assault and aggravated harassment.

The charges stemmed from an incident with his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, with each guilty charge considered a misdemeanor in New York.

The altercation occurred in Manhattan on Mar. 25, where Majors was accused of assaulting Jabbari in the back of a car during an argument about a text message he received from another woman.

Prosecutors alleged that Majors pulled Jabbari’s finger, twisted her arm, and hit her in the head while attempting to retrieve his phone.

After leaving the car at an intersection, Majors picked her up and pushed her back into the vehicle as she tried to follow him. Video evidence showed Majors running down the street with Jabbari chasing after him.

The aftermath saw Majors going to a hotel, while Jabbari, who testified she didn’t want to be alone after the attack, went to a club. Upon returning home, Majors found Jabbari unconscious and called 911, suspecting a suicide attempt.

However, NYPD officers, responding to the call, found Jabbari with injuries, leading to Majors’ arrest.

During the trial, evidence revealed that this incident wasn’t the first time Majors may have harmed Jabbari. Text messages from September 2022 discussed a prior conflict, and an audio recording showcased another argument in which Majors made troubling remarks.

The actor, known for roles in “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and “Lovecraft Country,” faced career fallout as Marvel and Disney dropped him from an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The judge, Michael Gaffey, issued a no-contact order between Majors and Jabbari.

Despite Majors’ lawyer describing him as both “grateful” and “disappointed” regarding the verdict, the outcome reflects the complexity of the case, intertwining legal repercussions, career consequences, and the broader issue of domestic violence in the entertainment industry.

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