Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart detained following purportedly striking Phoenix Suns player in pregame altercation

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Isaiah Stewart, a prominent player for the Detroit Pistons, found himself in police custody following an alleged altercation with Drew Eubanks from the Phoenix Suns before their game on Wednesday, according to authorities.

The altercation erupted in the parking lot area of the Footprint Center in Phoenix around 4:45 p.m. local time, as confirmed by the Phoenix Police Department.

Upon their arrival, officers were directed by security personnel to Eubanks, 27, and Stewart, 22. Both players were interviewed, alongside multiple witnesses.

According to police statements, an argument ensued between the two players upon their arrival at the arena. Witnesses reported that the situation escalated when Stewart purportedly punched Eubanks, resulting in minor injury.

Security intervened to separate the players, putting an end to the altercation.

Subsequently, detectives conducted an investigation into the incident. Stewart was subsequently arrested for assault, given a citation, and subsequently released.

The investigation remains ongoing.

“The Suns condemned the unprovoked attack on Drew Eubanks, asserting that such acts of violence are unacceptable,” stated the team in a released statement. “We fully stand behind Drew and pledge our cooperation with local authorities and the NBA to address this matter.”

In response to the incident, the Pistons acknowledged being “aware” of the altercation between the two players in a statement released on Wednesday. “We are currently gathering information regarding the incident and its underlying factors, and are actively engaging with the NBA and local law enforcement,” the team stated.

NBC News has sought comment from representatives of both players.
Despite the altercation, Eubanks participated in Wednesday night’s game, which ended in a 116-100 victory for the Suns over the Pistons.

Stewart, who was already sidelined due to an ankle injury, did not play.
Stewart has a history of getting involved in confrontations.

In 2021, he was involved in an altercation with LeBron James of the Lakers on the court, resulting in Stewart being suspended for two games and James for one.

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