FIA Reveals Penalty Decision for Ferrari Star at Monaco

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Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has learned his fate from the FIA after being investigated post-qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sainz secured third place on the grid in an exciting session where his teammate, Charles Leclerc, clinched pole position, outpacing numerous competitors.

Red Bull faced a challenging day due to their lack of pace, with Max Verstappen starting Sunday’s race from sixth place and Sergio Perez from 16th, following the disqualification of both Haas drivers.

This presents a significant chance for Ferrari to narrow the gap with the reigning world champions in the constructors’ championship, potentially setting the stage for a title battle.

Sainz Avoids Penalty After FIA Review

Carlos Sainz has received his verdict from the FIA following a meeting with race stewards after qualifying. The investigation concerned an alleged impeding of Williams driver Alex Albon during Q1 at Turns 15/16.

The stewards decided not to take further action. They reviewed video footage, team radio communications, and in-car video evidence. 

They concluded that while Albon, who was on a flying lap, encountered Sainz at the chicane, Sainz had moved off the racing line as quickly as possible to give Albon space, though the tight nature of the Monaco circuit made it challenging.

Sainz explained that in hindsight, he might have gone off track to provide more room, but he believed he had taken necessary steps to avoid impeding Albon. 

Albon confirmed he lost about a tenth and a half of a second but considered it a “grey” area and did not believe Sainz had clearly impeded him. He also acknowledged the difficulty of the blind corners at that part of the circuit.

Given these factors, the FIA decided no further action was necessary.

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