Texans’ Wild Card Victory Marks the End of Browns’ Season

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The Browns’ 2023 season has officially concluded, marking the end of their playoff journey. 

In their first postseason appearance since 2020, Cleveland faced formidable challenges on both offensive and defensive fronts. The Texans emerged victorious with a commanding 45-14 win, capitalizing on the Browns’ defensive lapses and crucial offensive turnovers.

Throughout the game, Cleveland struggled to find solutions on offense, particularly in the second half, where they remained scoreless. 

Quarterback Joe Flacco faced a pivotal moment in the third quarter, throwing two interceptions on consecutive drives. The first interception by CB Steven Nelson resulted in an 82-yard touchdown return, while the second, picked off by LB Christian Harris, further widened the gap to 38-14 in favor of the Texans.

The turning point came early in the fourth quarter when the Texans secured their victory with a 19-yard touchdown run by RB Devin Singletary, bringing the score to 45-14. 

The Browns’ defense faced challenges from the start, conceding three touchdowns in the first half, including a 37-yard pass from QB C.J. Stroud to Collins. Despite offensive efforts by RB Kareem Hunt, who scored two touchdowns in the first half, the Browns struggled to contain the Texans’ explosive plays and scoring drives.

As the season approaches, the Browns will now reflect on both the positive and negative aspects of their 2023 campaign, including the adversities faced due to injuries since the regular season’s outset.

During the second offensive series of the match, Flacco linked up with TE David Njoku on a substantial 45-yard deep pass, advancing the Browns downfield. 

This successful play positioned the team in the red zone after completing a pass to Cooper. Subsequently, Hunt capitalized on a well-executed block from Wyatt Teller, surging through the middle and into the end zone for a touchdown.

Standout Performers:

RB Kareem Hunt

Hunt made a significant impact in the first half, contributing two touchdowns to put the Browns on the scoreboard. His overall game included 26 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown, 9 receiving yards, and one receiving touchdown.

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

Despite collective defensive struggles, Owusu-Koramoah provided a boost for the Browns with seven tackles in the first half and a final game tally of eight tackles and four tackles for loss.

Key Statistic:

The Browns conceded 236 passing yards to the Texans in the first half. Rookie QB C.J. Stroud completed 11-of-16 passes for 236 yards and three touchdowns during this period. Stroud concluded the game with 16-of-21 passes completed for 274 yards.


The defeat marks the conclusion of the Browns’ 2023 season, a bitter pill to swallow given the challenges faced with injuries and team adversities. 

Despite finishing the regular season with an 11-6 record and securing a playoff spot for the first time since 2020, the loss stings, particularly as the Browns deviated from their season-long performance on Saturday, notably on the defensive end. 

Nevertheless, they view this setback as a valuable learning experience as they enter the offseason and prepare for the challenges of the 2024 season.

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