Apple Smartwatch: US Sales Of Series 9 & Ultra 2 Models Halted

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Apple’s latest smartwatch models, Series 9 and Ultra 2, are temporarily off the US menu due to a patent dispute involving blood oxygen technology. The U.S. International Trade Commission’s ruling could potentially bar further imports, but the decision rests with President Biden until December 25th.

The company is taking a proactive approach, pausing sales at its website and retail stores for these models. However, lower-priced options like the Apple Watch SE remain unaffected. Analysts predict minimal holiday sales impact, with the real drama unfolding in slower January and February months.

Masimo, the patent holder, believes the ITC ruling should stand, protecting intellectual property and encouraging US innovation. They accuse Apple of poaching employees and technology for their smartwatches. While a trial in California ended inconclusive, Apple separately sued Masimo for patent infringement.

Bloomberg reports Apple engineers are adjusting algorithms to potentially comply with the ruling, even if it means changing how oxygen saturation is measured and presented. Masimo believes hardware تغییرات are necessary, setting the stage for further legal and technical battles.

Vetoing an ITC ruling is rare, occurring only once since 2013 (Obama with Apple vs. Samsung). Biden remains uncommitted, while Masimo urges him to uphold the decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 temporarily unavailable in US due to patent dispute.
  • Holiday sales expected to be minimally impacted.
  • Apple exploring technical and legal options to bring the watches back.
  • Future of blood oxygen feature in Apple smartwatches uncertain.

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