Empowering Children in Mexico City: Dallas Stars’ Community Outreach Initiatives

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In the playoff season, Al Montoya believes the Dallas Stars bring victory to everyone, particularly the community.

As the first Cuban-American NHL player and currently the Dallas Stars’ Vice President of Cultural Growth and Strategy, Montoya is fervently dedicated to expanding the Stars’ influence and promoting hockey among underrepresented groups, both locally and globally.

“We’ve just returned from Mexico City, and we’re planning another trip soon,” Montoya revealed. “For us, it’s a significant opportunity to showcase our efforts and convey our message.”

That message emphasizes hockey’s inclusivity. Their goal is to extend this message to children who might not otherwise have access to the sport.

“We launched a Learn to Play program—a six-week initiative for children aged four to ten in Mexico City,” Montoya explained. “We kicked off in April, and the kids will graduate in May. It’s a chance for them to experience the sport we cherish and provide them with the opportunity to play.”

Fifty children are currently enrolled in the program, thanks to a partnership with the National Hockey League.

On a local level, Montoya has collaborated with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas on the free Future Stars initiative, which introduces hockey to schools and facilities across the region. 

The program has expanded from two locations in 2023 to nine in 2024. These initiatives receive support and equipment to establish weekly youth hockey programs in underserved communities.

The team noted that the Stanley Cup Playoffs significantly enhance fan engagement and community involvement. The heightened spotlight has led to greater success in fundraising through the 50/50 raffle during home games. 

Half of the funds generated from the jackpot contribute to the Dallas Stars Foundation, supporting the well-being and development of North Texans through initiatives focused on Youth Hockey, Community Engagement, and Health and Education.

Currently, the Dallas Stars are battling the Colorado Avalanche in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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