Actor from ‘Starsky & Hutch,’ David Soul, Passes Away at 80

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Renowned for his role in the iconic series “Starsky & Hutch,” actor David Soul passed away at 80, as confirmed by his wife, Helen Snell.

She shared that he passed on Thursday, surrounded by loved ones after bravely battling for his life.

Helen Snell commemorated Soul’s multifaceted contributions to the world as an actor, singer, storyteller, creative artist, and cherished friend.

She expressed that those touched by his presence would forever cherish his vibrant smile, infectious laughter, and zest for life.

The US-born actor was most recognized for portraying Detective Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson in the beloved crime-solving show “Starsky & Hutch,” co-starring alongside Paul Michael Glaser from 1975 to 1979.

The duo reunited for the 2004 remake of the series.

Ben Stiller paid homage to Soul by sharing a clip from the original series on social media, acknowledging Soul’s embodiment of ’70s coolness and bidding him farewell.

Soul’s legacy extends beyond “Starsky & Hutch,” encompassing roles in productions like “Here Come The Brides,” “Magnum Force,” “The Yellow Rose,” and “Salem’s Lot,” earning recognition from figures like author Stephen King.

Additionally, Soul appeared in various British television programs and became a British citizen in 2004. Despite opportunities to join reality TV, he declined, expressing his reservations about the concept of modern-day celebrity.

The actor had a complex personal history, having been married five times and facing legal issues in the 1980s related to domestic violence.

He later expressed remorse and engaged in efforts to address the issue by speaking to inmates about domestic violence in prisons.

Born as David Solberg in Chicago, he initially pursued a career in folk singing, transitioning to acting after encountering success and setbacks in the music industry.

His early career included appearances in shows like “Star Trek,” “Here Come The Brides,” “Perry Mason,” and “Johnny Got His Gun.”

Following his breakthrough role in “Magnum Force,” Soul soared to fame with “Starsky & Hutch” before briefly returning to music, producing several albums, including chart-toppers like “Silver Lady” and “Don’t Give Up On Us.”

Despite early music success, his fervent fan base waned after his struggles, and he released only one album after a hiatus, “Leave a Light On,” in 1997.

Soul leaves a legacy of artistic prowess and a passionate commitment to his craft.

He encountered love, fatherhood, and a deep connection with Helen Snell, whom he called his “soulmate,” during their time together.

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