Luis Rubiales Controversy: Unconsented Kiss Sparks FIFA Action

Victory Celebration:

Luis Rubiales, aged 46, joyfully embraced Jenni Hermoso, the 33-year-old Spanish national player, on stage and planted a congratulatory kiss on her cheek.

Urgent Gathering:

Luis Rubiales, is scheduled to address an urgent gathering of the federation’s general assembly on Friday, following the controversial kiss incident.

Unconsented Kiss:

The incident involves Luis Rubiales embracing Jenni Hermoso and kissing her without her explicit consent during the awards ceremony after Spain's victory over England.

Resignation Speculation:

Amid growing pressure, there are suggestions that Luis Rubiales might tender his resignation due to the controversy surrounding his actions.

FIFA's Action:

FIFA has announced its intention to initiate a disciplinary proceeding against Rubiales for potentially breaching their code of appropriate behavior.

Apology & Explanation:

Rubiales has issued an apology for the incident, acknowledging his mistake and expressing that it happened spontaneously without malicious intent.

National Shame:

The convergence of the uninvited kiss incident and an inappropriate gesture toward Spain's Queen Letizia and Princess Sofia has led to Rubiales becoming a source of national shame

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