On a tragic day at Robb Elementary School, 19 students and two teachers lost their lives in the Uvalde school shooting.

The Department of Justice characterizes the police response as a failure in a 400-page report released on Thursday.

Even with hundreds of officers, an hour passed to neutralize the gunman. The report cites leadership, decision-making, tactics, policy, and training failures.

Pete Arredondo, ex-school police chief, was criticized for lacking leadership. The report hints at failures linked to policy and training issues.

Uvalde residents awaited DOJ report, now facing fallout: terminated officers, lawsuits, and public outrage after a historic tragedy.

Texas lawmakers' 2022 report criticizes police for prioritizing their safety over lives—results in Mr. Arredondo's termination.

Victims' families denounce police and demand resignations. Aftermath: four officers are fired, and the community initiates lawsuits against city police and officials.

DA Christina Mitchell reveals ongoing police response investigation in Uvalde County until 2024—findings to be presented to the grand jury.

Texas report: Gunman fired 142 rounds before stopped. Bodycam footage shows police lingering in hallways during the assailant's attack. 

The U.S. Department of Justice asserts that the handling of the Uvalde school shooting by law enforcement was deemed unsuccessful.