Shocking Debate Chaos! Candidates Slam Trump, Expose Scandals

28 Sep, 2023

Primary debates are crucial in selecting the official nominee for a major political party.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California hosted a debate with seven Republican candidates.

A decrease in candidates from the previous debate was due to qualification criteria, leaving only seven contenders.

Former President Donald Trump did not participate in the debate, as he had in the first one.

The debate occasionally descended into chaos as candidates frequently spoke over each other.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, polling at the bottom, tried to secure more speaking time.

Candidates declined to vote off an opponent, with Ron DeSantis objecting to the idea as disrespectful.

Nikki Haley engaged in spirited debates with DeSantis and Tim Scott, particularly on energy policy.

Trump's campaign sought to diminish Nikki Haley's credibility and link her to Hillary Clinton.

China's dominance in various areas, including energy and technology, was a prominent focus of the debate.