Meet Luke Littler, the 16-year-old prodigy making waves in the world of darts.

Littler shattered age-related records, surpassing opponents twice his age and securing a spot as the youngest contender in the World Darts Championship finals.

His astonishing performances stunned spectators, defeating seasoned veterans and former world champions, showcasing unparalleled skill and determination.

Littler's next challenge awaits in the finals against Luke Humphries, the current world No. 1, promising an electrifying match.

As Littler rises to stardom, darts experiences a remarkable resurgence, drawing attention to the once niche professional sport.

Meet Luke Humphries, dubbed "Cool Hand Luke," a formidable opponent and the current world No. 1, standing in Littler's path to victory.

Discover the thrill of the PDC World Darts Championship, a celebration at Alexandra Palace where fans embrace a festive tradition alongside the intense competition.