Unbelievable Revelation: John Lennon's Secret Obsession with Alice Cooper's Music Exposed!

Sep 08, 2023

By www.newstodaydaily.com

A shock rock icon, Alice Cooper drew his musical inspiration from old-school rock and roll legends.

Despite his theatrical stage persona, Cooper's songwriting roots were firmly established in the music of the 1960s.

The Beatles profoundly influenced Alice Cooper's music, and he considered them unparalleled in exceptional songwriting.

Cooper praised The Beatles' remarkable songwriting skills and ability to craft three-minute masterpieces in an interview.

Alice Cooper was a part of the famous Los Angeles social club "The Hollywood Vampires" in the 1970s, alongside notable members like Keith Moon and Ringo Starr.

John Lennon was informally associated with "The Hollywood Vampires" when he was in town, which was a cherished moment for Alice Cooper.

Cooper believed that John Lennon appreciated their controversial image and enjoyed their music.

Lennon enthusiastically introduced "Elected" to others, claiming it was a clever jab at the world of politics.

Alice Cooper cherished that John Lennon loved the record, even though Lennon humorously remarked that Paul McCartney could have done it better.

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