Guardiola's Absence: The Rise of Juanma Lillo and Manchester City's Journey

Tale of Resilience and Recovery

Pep Guardiola, the esteemed coach of Manchester City, is on the path of healing after undergoing back surgery.

Temporary Handover of Power 

Juanma Lillo, steps up to take on the managerial responsibilities of Manchester City, including training sessions and overseeing matches.

Premier League Fixture

Premier League fixture against Sheffield United will be missing Guardiola's presence on the sidelines due to his ongoing recovery process.

Decade-Long Struggle 

Guardiola's back discomfort, stemming from his days coaching Barcelona, has persisted for over a decade. The pain escalated after a victorious match against Newcastle

Successful Surgical Intervention

The surgery, conducted in Barcelona by Dr. Mireia Illueca, has been deemed a success. Guardiola now embarks on a journey of rehabilitation and recovery.

The Uncertain Duration of Absence 

Manchester City has not officially confirmed the length of Guardiola's absence, as it hinges on his recovery from back surgery.

An Eagerly Awaited Return

The Manchester City community sends well wishes for a swift recovery to Guardiola and eagerly anticipates his return to the team following the international break.

Lillo: The Stand-In Leader

Juanma Lillo, Guardiola's trusted assistant, takes the reins in Guardiola's absence. With an impressive coaching background, Lillo's mentorship and leadership skills are put to the test.

The Mentorship that Shaped Lillo

The mentorship flourished into a deep bond, leading Lillo to join Guardiola at Manchester City and play an instrumental role in the team's successes.

The Continuation of a Legacy

Manchester City's journey continues. With Guardiola's philosophies deeply ingrained, the team strives to maintain its momentum and success until his anticipated return against Wolves on September 16